Hungarian driving licence



1.Models HU1, HU2. These models could be renewed until 31 December 2002. Because of the maximum 10-
year validity period, the expiry date of the last specimen of these models is 31 December 2013.
2.Models HU1, HU2. Subcategory F5 entitles a holder to drive articulated buses.
3.Models HUI, HU2. National medical restrictions and obligations for vehicle transformation. The correspond-
ing Community code can only be indicated by verifying the applicable national decision (separate docu-
4.Models HU1, HU2. These restrictions do not correspond to any Community codes and apply only on the ter-
ritory of Hungary.
5.Model HU2. From 1 January 1982 to 6 August 1990, this model was issued with the words ‘Magyar 
Népköztársaság’ (People’s Republic of Hungary) and from 7 August 1990 to 31 December 2000 it was issued 
with the words ‘Magyar Köztársaság’ (The Republic of Hungary).
6.Model HU3. Subcategories as defined by Directive 91/439/EEC do not appear separately but rather are indi-
cated in combination with the main categories on the reverse side of the document (point 12) in application 
of harmonised Community codes.
7.Models HU3, HU4. These models are recognised as national identity documents. As identity documents these 
models have 10 years of validity up to the age of 70 and unlimited validity if the holder is older than 70.
HU: Description and security features
Model HU1.
Description: Size: 220 mm x 102 mm; pink canvas model with black text; two-sided document folded into three 
Security features: No particular security features. Black document number printed according to the folding three 
times on the one side at the bottom; photo affixed by traditional manner.
Model HU2.
Description: Size: 105 mm x 71 mm; pink paper model with bourdon text; two separate two-sided pages.
Security features: No optical brighteners; fibres fluorescent under UV light; black document number printed at the 
upper part on the one side of both separate pages; photo affixed by traditional manner using glue and use of wet 
stamp to secure the photograph.
Model HU3.
Description: Size: 85.4 mm x 54 mm (ID 1 format); two-sided plastic card model; colour of the front from left to right: 
1/3 blue and 2/3 pink; colour of the reverse side from left to right: 2/3 pink and 1/3 blue.
Security features: Centrally issued category ‘A’ secure document produced with laser-engraving. The distinguishing 
sign of Hungary (H) is printed in negative at the upper-left corner of the front in a blue rectangle encircled by an el-
lipse. The model contains a stylised national coloured (red-white-green) map of Hungary on the front and a national coloured flag shaped decorative pattern on the reverse side.The model has fluorescent graphical elements under UV light and a demetallised diffractive square-shaped foil is placed at the bottom-right part of the photograph field. The distinguishing sign of Hungary (H) is also located on the reverse side under the document number. It is printed in negative and encircled by an ellipse produced with optically variable ink (OVI). The model contains further security features such as microlettering.
Model HU4.
Description: Community model driving licence. Size: 85.4 mm x 54 mm (ID I format); two-sided pink plastic card 
Security features: Centrally issued category ‘A’ secure document produced with laser engraving. The distinguishing 
sign of Hungary (H) is printed in negative at the upper-left corner of the front in a blue rectangle encircled by 12 yellow stars. The words ‘European Communities model’ in Hungarian (i.e ‘Európai Közösségi Modell’) and the words ‘Vezetői engedély’ (i.e. driving licence) in the other languages of the Community are printed in pink to form the background of the front. The model contains fluorescent graphical elements under UV light and a demetallised diffractive square-shaped foil is placed at the bottom-right part of the photograph field. The distinguishing sign of Hungary (H) is also located under the photograph on the front page. It is printed in negative and encircled by an ellipse produced with optically variable ink (OVI). The model contains further security features such as microlettering.









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